New Stuff?...maybe

2009-12-06 00:59:15 by mechanixnut

So, I am thinking about making another video. One that is actually a video and has some meaning to it. Haven't really put too much thought to it, but I might be able to pull it off... I hope.

Collab is out ^_^

2009-06-27 14:05:15 by mechanixnut

The collab has been released some time ago and it did very well. I had fun working with all the guys and I look forward to working with them again in the future.

Collab almost done ^_^

2009-04-10 01:18:01 by mechanixnut

Well now, all the parts hae been submitted and recieved for the collab. Now we are just playing the waiting game as the collab is being assembled. We are hoping that the collab will be out by the end of this month.

I would like to thank all the people for their support over the past year as this collab has been running. I would also like to thank everyone who has participated in this project, as I'm sure it was as much fun for everyone as it was for me. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the success of this collab. I hope to have the chance to work with everyone again with a future project.

Well, I think thats it for now.

The Zelda Collab

2008-06-07 15:18:27 by mechanixnut

Ok I have made the Zelda Collab

I have been a fan of zelda for a long time, and I'm sure most of you have been too. So here I want to have some animations on ALL of the Zelda games, not including any of the remakes. I know the remakes are all good, but I just want to have all the originals.


FPS = 24
Size = 550 X 400 (standard)
Background = white (make your own)
Sprites are only allowed for certain games (just ask if you are unsure)
Length between 5 and 40 seconds (if you need it to be longer PM me)
No nudity/ or at least try not to
No stick figures
No ocks/groups
Not too much violence if you can try that, if not lots of blood is good too

You can have sound effects and voices for your part. Actually it is recomended that you have those now, I will not be adding music to the video to stop any silence. Also I am hoping for all the parts to be either a funny one or a serious one about the specific game.

I have this and this made up for the menu and preloader already if some of you are curious as to what I have done for it already. The second one will be the preloader with some buttons that will be used for the main menu.

nothing shown-
updates show*
finished parts@(-_-)@
*Section Finished*


The Legend Of Zelda (1987)
1. Emanhattan@(-_-)@
2. ZombieKangaroo@(-_-)@

*Zelda II: The Adventures Of Link (1988)*
1. jjmarth@(-_-)@
2. fightermarth @(-_-)@


*A Link To The Past (1992)*
1. Haderust @(-_-)@
2. Jammer-Lammy @(-_-)@


*Links Awakening (1993)*
1. Rooshich @(-_-)@
2. Gunstar-X@(-_-)@


*Ocarina Of Time (1998)*
1. Jake1010@(-_-)@
2. Samlam @(-_-)@
3. psychicpebble@(-_-)@
4. FighterMarth@(-_-)@

*Majora's Mask (2000)*
1. Rooshich@(-_-)@
2. Peglay @(-_-)@
3. OctoFlash@(-_-)@


*Oracle Of Ages (2001)*
1. SuperSkittles@(-_-)@

*Oracle Of Seasons (2001)*
1. ZombieKangaroo@(-_-)@
2. ShinsukeIto@(-_-)@


*Wind Waker (2003)*
1. cyotecody555@(-_-)@
2. ChrisKlassen @(-_-)@

*Four Swords: Advenures (2004)*
1. Superskittles @(-_-)@
2. Mechanixnut@(-_-)@


*The Minish Cap (2005)*
1. Samlam (hylian-mafia) @(-_-)@
2. Gravemaker(ZombieKangaroo)@(-_-)@


Twilight Princess (2006)
1. Superskittles @(-_-)@
2. NoperDoperTrooper @(-_-)@


*Phantom Hourglass (2007)*
1. LegendaryFrog @(-_-)@
2. xxflareknightxx @(-_-)@
3. Snow-Fox13 @(-_-)@

Menu and Preloader
1. Mechanixnut*

Parts Submitted 29/29

All the parts are now finished. Now we play the waiting game (so I can compile it :P).

A Zelda Collab

2008-05-13 14:35:48 by mechanixnut

I was thinking about making a Zelda Collab. I have been a big fan of Zelda since I first played the one for the original Nintendo. Unfortunatly I don't have the BA to start one yet, but I will as soon as the Orange Box Collab comes out which is really soon. I think I was inspired to do this collab by ebyam07. Maybe if he has flash he could join too ^_^. I already have a title drawn up for it thus far. I was thinking about waiting until I have a little more done on the animation and the menu before I go and actually start on the thread for the collab. I do take a long time to animate stuff, because I am actually pretty lazy with this stuff.

What do you guys think this collabs general theme should be about within the zelda games. I am kind of stuck as to what the theme should be if there would be one. Ok the theme will be that there is 2 little parodies about each game. Therefore there will be 26 videos for the collab. I have done some quick research and got 13 different Zelda games, not including any remakes of older ones.

/* */
That could be a releated video made by snow-fox13



2008-03-30 01:10:01 by mechanixnut

ok my birthday is over and l had one hell of a drunk night. Anyways the orange box collab is my new project that l am working on and i will be helping put it together since assasinrabbit might not be able to for his situation.

Well i am working on the menu and preloader for it and yes another menu for me to do but this one will be really cool when it is done. Here is a preview of what i have so far. BLARG TEH MENU

Oh and don't mind the eye in the top corner of the menu that is not actually in the menu i was just playing around and it ended up there.

EDIT: Here is a sample of what the mouse might look like, it is simple yet alot of work MOUSEY

Oh and if you want to check out the collab here is the link to it so you can find it easier LINKY?

EDIT: I am very happy today. I just bought my new tablet, it is soo awesome. I am going to have soo much fun with it.

Today is my birthday ^_^

2008-03-26 00:52:16 by mechanixnut

i am very happy to announce that i turn 19 today. I can now legally drink in bars and stuff like that. Tonight I will get so drunk and hopefully i dont get too big of a hangover.

long time relief

2008-03-18 11:45:29 by mechanixnut

l have finally finished my picture of Ike from Fire Emblem. l started it like a year and a half ago than stopped and now it is finished.

oh and keep an eye out for the newest video coming out this weekend the Easter Collab ^_^

and why the fuck did l get banned for this picture, that is total bullshit you fucking mods

long time relief

l have finally contributed to newgrounds ^_^ I still have more contributions coming in the future. Hopefully I get coauthored for at least 2 of the 3 collabs that I'm working on right now.

Ummmm..... Stuff

2008-02-19 00:39:51 by mechanixnut

I am happy I am finally doing something on newgrounds. YAY my ban is finally over . I am still working hard on the menu and the preloader for the Bad Day Collab. Hopefully when it's done it'll be pretty sweet. I now have 2 more collabs that I am in the Whats Yor Game Collab, and the Madness Random Collab. Oh and possibly the Easter Collab. I got quite a bit of work ahead of me so now I should go and work on them. Thats all for now. Updates later on. Ok now the wats your game collab has been canceled so i will be doing other things besides that.