Entry #10

New Stuff?...maybe

2009-12-06 00:59:15 by mechanixnut

So, I am thinking about making another video. One that is actually a video and has some meaning to it. Haven't really put too much thought to it, but I might be able to pull it off... I hope.


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2009-12-06 03:14:21

well hope you do a good job :D people like a good flash

mechanixnut responds:

I am going to try, although I really don't have a whole lot of time to do it.


2010-01-10 01:17:30

What the hell are you on about?


2010-01-13 11:47:31

u put together a great collaboration with the zelda collab! u should think about starting another one with an equally interesting topic! i would join for sure!


2010-03-28 10:40:14

you really suck bad so suck a c**k


2010-07-23 13:25:12

Do you wanna be part of my TLOZ club? if so, go to my page and comment it on the post.


2012-01-29 17:30:17

Congrats, you're the User of the Day.